Wednesday, October 29, 2008

PUMPKINS!!! (Yes... it's that AWESOME.)

So carving pumpkins is perhaps my favorite thing in the whole world. I look forward to it all year. I think I will start a petition to start carving pumpkins for every holiday. I really think it would set the mood for holidays like Groundhog's Day, and Columbus Day, and National 10-4 Day, not to mention Hanukkah and Pearl Harbor Day. But that's just me. Let me know what you think. But last night was pumpkin carving night in apartment 203, and it rocked my socks. So that's kind of a lie. Remember that Disney Adventure that I am indeed on? Well it continued last night, and I had the worst stomach pain of my life. It was almost funny (almost.) because of how badly it hurt. I never have stomach pain. It's all part of the adventure!! There was literally one point where I was lying on the ground and and strained my back trying to move and I couldn't decide which hurt worse, so I just started laughing. I hope they are filming this somewhere in Heaven so I can look back and laugh one more time.

But I was determined to carve my freakin' pumpkin!! And I did! Ha! And it is awesome! I got a Disney Princess carving kit (I think I have a problem...) and I did Snow White. It is slightly awesome, thank you very much. Kinsey started to do the much fought over Cinderella, but it was no good because her pumpkin was way too thick. So she was resourceful, and turned Cinderella's head into an eyebrow and made a face. I laughed a little bit, but it looks great! And Mary did Aurora which she renamed "Sleeping Sweet Spirit." It was so much fun! Oh, and life was made 87.4 times better because we had a Hugh Jackman movie on in the background. Yes. It was great.

Me and Kinsey waiting to carve in anticipation...or something.

Um...good thing this is sideways! But you can still witness the terror. It's quite frightening.

Um, so I like the guts. So does Kinseth.

Look at that concentration. Magic.

Oh, how cute. Me and Snow White.

Yeah... this is the real deal. It took me three HOURS!!! But it was so fun!

Um, answer=YES. Carving pumpkins is sunshine in my soul. Thank you, and goodnight.


Some days you just have to embrace your inner self, and I can tell you- it's great. You see I have this theory; that secretly everyone in a giant nerd. Some of us tend to wear in on our sleeve a little bit more than the rest of us, but in reality, everyone is a nerd. There are science nerds, math nerds, health nerds, English nerds, theatre nerds, writing nerds, choir nerds, hot dog nerds, Nerf gun nerds, surfing nerds, the list goes on and on. Pretty much everyone in college is a nerd. It just depends on what their major is. So my roommates and I decided to embrace that the other night. Earlier that day, Mary decided to go back to second grade and "poof" her bangs. I made a great deal of fun at her expense when it happened, but by that night, I start to think that it could be a ton of fun. I mean why not? So Kinsey, Jennifer and I embraced our inner nerds. And it was awesome.
This is the real me. Okay, so not really. (Hopefully.) But it is a time in my life that I seem to revert to quite often. No further comment.
Kinsey and Me. Our lips don't lie.
Jennifer was an attractive nerd. She was the interior designer nerd, and as such had to maintain a certain amount of professionalism.
Me and Kinsey. Awww.... I really like her curl. She has this Link Larkin thing going on that just works.

Look at the unabashed joy!! (Well, maybe not for Jennifer...)

So yeah... that was our unofficial "embrace your inner nerd night." It was full of joy and gladness and I may or may not be wanting to poof my bangs again. Just becuase I can. Thank you, and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tender Mercies and More Stress

I have good news dear readers!!! I found a ride!!! HAPPY DAY!!!! I was totally freaking out, as you may or may not be able to tell by my last blog. I didn't know what to do. If worse came to worse, my amazing roommate Jennifer said that she could take us. She will receive blessings for that one, because if nothing else, it put my heart at ease. It was awesome. But, in the end, it was not necessary. Courtney (my partner in crime who is auditioning with me) and I plastered our helpless and rideless state all over Facebook. And today, I am grateful for that little invention called Facebook, complete with the wall posts, and status updates. If it were not for said wall posts and status updates, I may have never found a ride to Salt Lake!!! (Don't worry... Facebook is not the tender mercy I am talking about...) My friend Lakisha happens to be my friend on Facebook, and she saw my plea. And it just so happens that she is going down for the auditions too!! She said that I could get a ride. So we started chatting on that wretched Facebook Chat, and daring to hope, I asked her if there was any way that I could bring one more person with me. Because, I could not have left Courtney with out a ride. I would have been the biggest jerk face ever in the history of friendship. But that was not to be, because low and behold, Lakisha had another seat!!! And really it was an answer to two prayers. I was praying for two extra seats, and she was praying for two extra passengers. I LOVE MY HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!

So I basically started screaming like a crazy lady when I found all of this out. Oh, and my roommates were in the room with me, and our good friend, Tyler. But it's all okay really, because they already knew I was crazy. So all is well. I was pretty much almost crying. Life is great, and I get to audition for Disney World still!!! Hooray!!!

In the meantime, I'm having lots of fun with all of these random health issues. I don't really get it. (Well, duh... Adversity, Em.) I feel nice and sick all of the time... and am slightly worried about the actual auditions. But I know that since everything else is working out, this will too. Now my next step is to start busting out the monologues in my room to brush up on my acting skills. (You laugh people, but I tell you it works!!) Oh, and I'm pretty sure that this is the most stressful week of my life. For real. I have eight million things that I have to do. (And yes, blogging counts because it is an outlet, and since I can't exercise- I'm an invalid- this will have to do.) So... Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress!! Awesome socks. But this is really just part of the fun adventure to Disney!! There better be some kind of crown involved. That's all. Thank you, and goodnight.

Monday, October 27, 2008


So I am going to audition for a character for Disney World in Salt Lake at 10:00 on Friday the 31st of October 2008, and no one and nothing is going to stop me. I dare you to. Even though ever since I made the definite decision to go through with the audition anything and everything has gone wrong. But don't mistake me. That can be slightly awesome, but is mostly just retarded crap!!! I severely screwed up my back and taking a little walk to the Ricks building today for class was painfully fun. (Literally.) I was on the couch all weekend, and sick Saturday night, and have had all of these awful adversarial thoughts telling me how much I suck, I don't know if I will be able to dance on Friday, and my goldfish drowned!!!!!!! Okay, so not really, but it could have with the weekend I have had. Oh, and I have had three different rides cancel on me. Which is pure sweetness. I totally understand, but it is still kind of crappy. Alas. Oh, and pretty sure no one is going to Utah this weekend, which equals Emmilie can't find a ride there. That never happens...EVER!!! You can always get a ride to Utah!!! What the St. Francis is going on here?!?!?!?!?! People are always going to Utah!!! WHAT THE CRAP???????????????? Okay. I just had to get that out. Oh, and I checked shuttle prices. ha. A one way trip costs $50=Emmilie is broke=Emmilie shan't take the shuttle=Emmilie is freaking out!!!!

But, I have decided that this is secretly (very secretly) a good thing. Why you may ask?? Because all of this adversity means that I am doing the right thing by auditioning!!! Which means that I really didn't mess up the interview! It was the spirit directing me!!! Which means that God loves me!!! "Have we not so great reasons to rejoice!" Indeed I do! I mean really? What is a little back pain? We have modern medicine and frozen vegetables! What is a little adversarial thoughts? We have prayer and a loving Heavenly Father! What is no car? I can walk!! (Sorry... I got caught up in the moment... But you get the idea.) I am so very blessed, and I know that if there has been this much opposition within the first four days of deciding to do this it will work out!! I don't know how, but I know it will!! I know that God will bless me and lead me down the path to become the daughter he would have me become!! I love the Lord with all of my heart!!! Life is great! And until I get to Salt Lake, I have the sneaky feeling that my life is going to filled/difficult/FUN/whatever and amen... But don't worry. I'll probably blog about it, and you too can share in the joy. Thank you, and goodnight.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So I broke my back. So...that is kind of an overstatement. But nonetheless it hurts. A lot. But don't worry dear readers (all six of you...) I'm staying strong. Well, I'm staying iced and medicated. So all is well.

How did this happen you may ask? I was working out... and uh, yeah. I was running, and there was this weird pain in my back. Like the moron I am, I just kept on going. It's fine. Then I did some weights. It was fun. I got on the leg press and forgot to check how much weight was going on before I started. Yeah... it was on 80. Awesome. It hurt so bad!!! I thought it was slightly great. So I changed it to 60- um.. no good. So then I changed it to 40, which also hurt, so I just finished. And uh, yep. I killed the back. Sweetness. (Sarcasm Button: ON)

So today I laid on the couch with frozen vegetables on my back and watched movies. Every two hours I medicated up and froze by back. It was a...great day. I'm kind of freaking out because I am supposed to have dancing auditions in six days! That will be stupendous. I think that I really am supposed to audition, because I made up my mind, and started having all of this adversity for it. Great!!! It will be good though. I have faith that if this is the Lord's plan for me, it will all work out. It may not be easiest, but it will turn out fine. Indeed. So until then I will continue to defrost vegetables on my back. Thank you and goodnight.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Interviews, Auditions and Other Nonesense

So today I had my interview today...and uh, yeah. I don't really know what happened, but I started saying all of this stuff that I really don't think that I meant. So the moral of the story is that I don't know if I will get an offer now. Sad day. But I trust that it is all in the Lord's hands, and I know that if I am supposed to do this, I will. I have faith, and I'm excited for whatever happens next.

But, I did change my mind, and decided that I am going to go to Salt Lake and audition to be a Disney Character!! I'm so excited! Really nervous, but still excited. The auditions are on Friday the 31st, in Orem. I am working out everyday to try to get a little more in shape... We'll see how that one goes!!

Tonight I am going on a "date" with my amazing roommate, Kinsey. I love her lots! My other roommies are going to see High School Musical 3. Kinsey and I did not want to see it, so we decided to pair off and do our own thing. So we are going to see Forever Strong. I am so excited...that's all. It will be so fun.

This is me and Kinsey being roommates. The end.

So I will keep you all up to date with all of the Disney events... Pray that I'll make it!! I want to go to Florida!!! Thank you, and goodnight.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

COMM 100

COMM 100 is the college term for death. Look it up. It is at 7:00 A-freakin'-M in the morning every Thursday. As if I needed another reason to hate Thursdays any more. Thank you, thank you. Not only is it at 7 A-freakin'-M in the morning, but it's at 7 A-freakin'-M in Rexburg!!! Do you have any idea how cold that is??? I really thought I was going to die of frost bite this morning. Please mourn my loss. I was bundled up and everything, and alas. I still froze to almost-death. Oh, and as a side note, I'm pretty sure that I will never get a date in that class ever. For several reasons:

  1. I don't speak or look at anyone. (It's 7 A-freakin'-M!! What do you expect?!)
  2. I look like absolute crap. For real life. Um... pretty sure I don't do my hair, and there is not a stitch of make-up on my face. Well, that's kind of a lie. There are the remnants from yesterday's make-up smeared into the enormous bags that encompass my eyes because guess what?! I forgot to take it off again!! And you could check those bags... It's pretty intense.
  3. I look like death warmed over. Why you may ask? Because at 7 A-freakin'-M you could really care less. All you want to do is crawl back into your warm bed, and sleep for the rest of your life. It's probably a good thing that I am so out of it in the morning that I can't focus on how cold it is really going to be when I make that fateful walk to the Spori. Good thing, because I would never get out of bed...ever.

Such was my morning. How was yours? Warmer I hope. My professor told us all to quit complaining because it was 8 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. Oh great!! That means it was a whopping 18 degrees!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Heat wave!!! I love Rexburg. (I just had to remind myself quickly.)

COMM 100 is kind of lame actually. Did I mention that it was at 7 A-freakin'-M? Well it is, and it's required for all COMM majors. I don't know who in their right minds decided to make a required class at 7 A-freakin'-M, but alas they did. It's like one of those sick jokes that adults play on the unsuspecting youth of America. Like curfew, or naming your daughter Shaniqua. So this wretched class is just a big joke. I'm waiting for administration to pop out and yell, "Psych!!" I'm pretty sure I'll always be waiting in vain, but alas. And if the early morning hour wasn't enough, our professor takes it upon herself to try and keep us awake. Awesome on so many levels. She plays the loudest, cheesiest, most obnoxious music ever written. It's the kind of music that ticks you off when you are listening to it fully awake at 3 in the afternoon. So listening to it at 7 A-freakin'-M is asking for a death wish. However, today was Disney music. It still was a little obnoxious, but not as bad.

Why Disney? Today the college requiter came and converted me. I am going to intern at Disney this Winter!!! I am so excited I can hardly wait!!! I'll be sure to keep you up to date with all my exciting plans.

At least some good has come from this wretched class. I still hate it, but I can now say that it did in fact bless my life in one way. Gladness to my heart. Thank you, and goodnight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Existential Emmilie

I am a Psych minor. And as a psych minor, one must take psychology classes. Obviously. This semester, I am taking PSYCH 341- Theories of Personality. It is my favorite class, and as such is absolutely amazing. We learn about 18 different theorists, and their contributions to the field of psychology. I find this kind of crap absolutely fascinating. I know, total nerd. It's fine. For the past two classes, we have been talking about Abraham Maslow. Now, Maslow was an Existentialist. He was pretty cool, not gonna lie. And I must also admit that I love his theory. His hierarchy of needs makes a lot of sense to me. That's all.

So Monday was our discussion on Existentialism. Then the class actually read the chapter. So today I get into class, and am trying to study just a bit more for the test. Then, randomly this guy moves all of his stuff into the middle of the room. (We sit in a circle so we can discuss... very important.) He makes it this big show, plops down on his chair, and tries to hide the little smirk that screams, "Yeah, I'm basically the most awesome existentialist ever." I just stared at the kid in amazement. He then proceeds to look around at the class to see if he has made his point yet. He doesn't think so, so he throws his book into his bag, and pulls out a piece of blank white paper. He then asks a girl if she has crayons. For real life. She gives him what one can only call a look of incredulity. I don't blame her. I would have done the same if another fellow college student asked me if I happened to have crayons with me. She responds that she does not; naturally. The guys looks surprised and upset, but nothing can squander his newly found existential attitude. He then begins to draw little flowers on his paper. He continues this for the remainder of the class. I was laughing so hard. It was one of the funniest things ever. Not because he was a particularly funny person, but because of how serious he was in his "self-actualizing."

Our professor comes in after a few minutes of flower drawing, and stops dead in the doorway with an all too knowing grin on his face. He mutters something about "non-conformists, and no doubt self-actualization, and then sits down at a desk. It was interesting to watch the interaction between the two of them. The entire time, the guy was looking way to pleased with himself. It was great.

We then began our discussion, and I kept watching the kid. He is a very opinionated person, and every discussion he always has plenty to say. A truly self-actualized person would not conform and would not participate in the conversation. He would just continue to draw his little flowers. But the temptation was to much- he offered his little two-sense in now and again. Secretly, I wanted nothing more than to call him out on it. But it just seemed existential to keep quiet and just let it all happen.

So the time came for us to take our test. Every test turns into a group test, because we use our psychoanalysis skills to explain why it would be better for us either consciously or unconsiously(depending on the theorist) for our overall mental health. It always works, and it's awesome. Amen. So today was interesting. In the spirit of true existentialism, the entire class wrote 20/20 on the top of the paper and turned them in. No questions were answered, and the tests didn't even make it around the whole room before half the class had left. It was pretty much amazing. In the back of my mind, (in my Super Ego) I am worried that I will probably end up with a 0/20 on my final grade. But hey! We, the hippies of BYU-I made our point, and maintained a certain level of existentialism. Thank you, and goodnight.

Oh, P.S.

Oh, and P.S...

Sorry that the pictures for the special olympics, are well...slightly special. The lighting in the Hinckley is my favorite. Indeed. Thank you, and goodnight.

Special Olympics

I love special needs children!! They are such examples to me of faithfulness and love. This past week I had the opportunity to do service at the Opening Ceremonies for the Special Olympics for Idaho! BYU-I was hosting them, and my roommates were in charge. They needed a singer...and I happen to be just that on occasions. So I said yes to singing the national anthem. It was a lot of fun. Slightly scary, because as I was singing, I kept thinking of other really random things, and did not concentrate on the words. I had no idea what I was actually singing, and just kept praying that I was saying the right words!! That would have been slightly awful- if I had butchered our Nation's anthem at the Olympics. Awesome, Em. But alas, it all went well, and I remembered all of the words to our National Anthem. Thank Goodness!!

Daniel and his partner did a beautiful dance to a pretty sweet Josh Groban song. Note to self: Marry a man that sounds like Josh Groban. Amen.

My good friend, Sterling did an awesome magic trick for the ceremony. It was so cool. I was laughing the whole time. The end.

So Mary called our FHE brother Tyler, and asked him to do a little musical number thing. He said yes, and somehow, it ended up in me singing a duet with him. It was a good song with only one minor flaw. It was a country song. You know you're in Rexburg when... And for those of you who know me, um, yeah... I don't in fact sing country... So that was fun. But it was all okay. It was just slightly awkward. We had never really practiced it for real- so that was fun. Oh, and I forgot the words. Awesome. But never fear, I said the wrong ones at the wrong time, but thanks to my sweet skills, (and a lot of help from the Lord,) I was able to think of something that rhymed. I'm convinced that it was the whole, "In the very moment the spirit will give you the things you should say," because I have no idea what I said. But they all bought it. That's good. But Tyler is awesome, and it went very well!! Hooray!

Announcing the 2008 Games officially OPEN!!!!

So it was an amazing experience! I loved it, and I loved the spirit that was there in that room. It was so amazing. When I grow up, I want to be as amazing as those special spirits. Thank you, and goodnight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So I was on my way to work this morning when I had a sort of an epiphany. Kind of. I was thinking about how much I have changed. Then I thought about the blessing that I have received that told me that change was coming. I remember that at the time, I was freaking out. Sometimes- well most time, change scares me. But I was thinking about that this morning on my way to the Testing Center, I thought about how good change has been in my life! And how blessed I have been because of the changes that I have made, and the changes that have occurred. What a great feeling it was! To think about how terrified I was, and how blessed I have been is an amazing thing.

Then I thought about the future, and how much that will be changing too. And you know what, I'm excited for it. It will be great. It is all a part of our Father in Heaven's plan, and he is directing us for good. He wants us to be happy; that is part of the plan after all. Change is inevitable, yes, but think about all of the good things in life that have to do with change.

Change of clothes; change of mind; changing your oil; change in priorities; change of shoes; change of toothbrush; change in the stock markets (when the DOW goes back up); change of underwear; change of seasons; change of jobs; change of address; finding spare change on the street; change of scenery; changing majors; changing roommates (okay, so that can be bad too...) Basically our lives revolve around change. But I have learned that change is nothing to fear. And I think that if you were to look around, you may just find that more people feel that way than you may think. How many people get excited by the changing seasons. God made is so that our lives are constantly changing. After all, change is the only constant in our lives. Just think about that one next time change comes your way.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Please Bless

Sometimes I wonder. How far off am I from where I should be? Have I completely lost track of what is most important? Where the crap are my priorities these days? How in the world did I miss that? Do you ever have one of those days that are just slightly off?

Such is the day that I have had today. All day long I have been wondering what I am doing with my life. Well, what am I doing that is actually meaningful? Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need? I mean really? What was the last unselfish thing I have done? It is a sad time when I can't recall that. I don't mean for this to sound depressing, or anything like despair. Today is an identity crisis day. Thank you Erickson, and your stupid psychological theoretical babble!! But alas, I'm sure it holds some ground.

At times like these, a girl could use a dog... okay, so that's from the show Lucky Stiff... It's fine. But really. At times like these, I just have to remind myself of what I truly know to be true. The Gospel. The Book of Mormon. The Temple. My Family- and the love that I have for them. The Prophet. Look! I already have some things to be happy about and grateful for!! So really this means that life is great!

Now dear readers. Don't be alarmed. I'm not going off the deep end anytime soon. I think all I need is a great big hug, and for someone I trust to tell me that it will all be okay. And on your identity crisis day I will be sure to do the same.

It's just really stressful right now. Mission? Major? Winter? Job? These are questions that rack my brain night and day, and until they are answered, fate and I are not on good terms!! Alright, so that is also from a play. It's fine also.

So the moral of this little blog is: Please bless that I can figure out my life. That would be slightly awesome indeed. But for now, I will take comfort in the words of a prophet. "Enjoy the" And guess what? Everything is going to be okay! Thank you and goodnight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Rest My Case

So, after that fateful day where I hated the entire male species, things kind of cooled down, and I got over it. I could look at my guy friends again, and not want to shout out insults. However, something happened about five minutes ago that made me remember why I do in fact hate men. I have this friend who I am pretty sure is kind of into me. That's all fine and good, and we were going to see how that went... Oh no. We will not see how that one plays out.

Here is what happened. (This all happened on that lame invention... facebook chat, mind you...) He told me that he had to ask me a question. I had some suspicions, but I was really not expecting this. He asked me what NCMO was. I was furious!!! What the St. Francis?!?!?!?!?!? Who the crap does he think I am??? We don't even have a real friendship let alone any kind of relationship!! (P.S. NCMO means Non-Committal-Make-Out) I told him that it was nothing that I believed in. He continued to pester me, so I told him to google it. That should be fun for him. I wished him good luck, and promptly signed out. WHAT A JERK!!!!! I am slightly disgusted. That's all. I just thought I would post this on the Internet, and possibly feel better. Alas, I hate men.

Oh, and to top it all off, this was going to be my one hope for a dating life. Well, that ended well. Awesome. Ladies, please take care. Be safe, and remember that anyone who wants to take advantage of you is never ever worth it!! Thank you and goodnight.