Friday, September 21, 2007

Down Town Rexburg

So I learned about oxymoron's this week, and "Down Town Rexburg" was one of the examples given. HA! Down town consisted of one street. One small street. I miss the city. I really do love the campus, but I really do hate Rexburg. I know, I'm a sinner, but it's the truth. Anyway, we went to Rexburg Unplugged last weekend. It was pretty cool. I guess. All they played were country songs. That was...well, not surprising. I did find a job, kind of. I'm going to donate plasma. It's thirty bucks every time I do it, and I can do it 2 times a week. According to my calculations, that is roughly 60 bucks. (I learned about that in Math 100B!!) That was cool. It was nice to walk around off campus...(okay, so I'm trying to look for the positives, and that about as far as I can stretch it.) I did get to go with some of my favorite people though. Mary was there, and Aimee, and my roommate, Courtney. All in all, it was fun. We found a sweet bagel shop and got a frozen hot chocolate. No complaints there. Here are some pictures of the exciting Down Town Rexburg!!

This was the band. They were pretty good. Except they were "plugged" all of that "unplugged" business was utter nonsense.

This is pretty much it. Rexburg. woot...

I really like this picture. This is me with the key. I think he hold the key to my heart.

These are dear friends. Mary, Aimee and Courtney. I miss you Kristen! I love you!!

So that was my exciting trip to the city. It really was fun, and I hope I didn't sound too bitter. You do what you can. I'll be sure to keep you up to date with all of the other fun and exciting things that happen on by trips to the city!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello Family!!

Hey guys!! I love you and miss you so much! I hope you had a great night. I really enjoyed having Family Home Evening with you tonight! I love you! Remember, don't kiss any fish, don't eat any bugs, and don't ever get in a fight with a guy with a rake!! Love you!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

To Thine Own Self True

Right, so I really wanted a pet. The only thing I can have is a fish. So, me, Mary, Aimee, and Courtney went to Walmart hoping to find an ample amount of feeder fish. The only ones they had were lame little guppies. I could have gotten like fifty of them, but they would have become unruly. So i decided that I would get an indestructible fish... introducing the BETA!!! His name is Ophelia; yes, he is gay. At first I thought he was kind of like Nemo because he didn't have a right fin to begin with. He does now, but I really don't know how that all works. He plays dead a lot too. But, he is an interesting little fish, and I enjoy his company. He is also the butt of many jokes. It's fine. It is a little ironic because Ophelia does in fact drown...

I like food. Food is nice.

So, I am learning that I do in fact know how to cook a lot more than I thought I did. Apart from those terrible cookies last Sunday I have done pretty well. I guess I picked up more knowledge from my mom than I thought I did. I made dinner every night my first week here. I made mac and cheese (okay, so that doesn't really count, but I thought I should still add it to my repertoire.) I made Cesar salad, pancakes, eggs, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, more chocolate chip cookies, and tonight I am going to make salad again for Sunday night dinner. We are having a bunch of people come over for dinner. Last time I made Cesar salad, I may or may not have put to little lettuce it. It might have had a very strong garlic taste to it. This time I will be sure to put in enough lettuce!

This is the kitchen where all of the magic happens. You do what you can.

This is me eating my fabulous Cesar salad. I was so proud!!

This is Courtney. She made the Pasta Alfredo. (It was out of a can, but still tasted good, nonetheless.)

New Apartment

I moved in! It is great. However, we do not have Internet access until Tuesday. So, I decided that I will just copy and paste all of my posts onto one big post. College life is fun. And I really like my roommates. I don’t really know them, but they seem really nice. I get along really well with my roommate that shares a room with me. Her name is Courtney. I really like her. She likes theatre too, so we get along pretty well. And, she won’t want to kill me if I play some show tunes. That's her up at the top. Isn't she cute? She is way sweet too. Okay, next we have my lovely desk. I promise that it really doesn't look that way now, but then it was pretty scary. I definitely brought way too much stuff with me. Oh well. I''ll post more pictures of what it really looks like later. Then, we have my oh so glamorous bed. It's so ghetto; just like everything else that I own. It fits in... I do like my room. I spent the whole last week studying in it... I really need to branch out a little bit. My other roommates are named Dani and Natalie. They are best friends, and are from Texas. They are pretty funny, and really outgoing. I figure that this will be good for me to meet new people. We met like all the boys in our ward last week with the help of Dani. It's all good. So, that is pretty much stage one of my new life here in Rexburg!! Oh my what fun!!

The Long and Winding Road

Oh my goodness! I’m am on my way to school right now! I cannot wait! I am so excited. I cannot believe that it is really here. That I am actually driving up to college to start my new life. This is so exciting, and I can’t believe that it is finally here. I am loving this so much. It feels so weird. I’m not gonna lie. I will copy and paste this onto my blog. I don’t in fact have internet in the truck right now, so I will post this later. Ha! This is amazing!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Move, Move, Move On Outta My Life

Moving! It's pretty exciting, not gonna lie. I have started packing, and well, my entire room is practically packed. It is weird because I have to not only pack up my stuff for college, but also pack up the rest of my stuff to go to Arizona. It is pretty weird. I took some pictures, because I wanted to try out my new camera. And, like most things I own, it will become the butt of many jokes. But that is alright. What would my life be like without laughter. Indeed, it would be tragic. Anyways- let's look, shall we? Okay, so to our right we have a terrible picture of me. It is the only one I have. And, my camera is cheap, so it doesn't have the anti-shake thing going on. That's why it's so fuzzy. Just for the record. Alright, lets move on to some pictures of the room. They are like those pictures of a flower that is in bloom. It changes with each picture. Does that make any sense? If not just remember that I am operating on little sleep, and a lot of stress....Moving right along.

Right, so I'm still trying to figure out how to make the pictures to go where I want them to and the writing to go where I want. Hopefully the desired format will follow. I really hope so. Maybe I'll just ask my blogger wise friend Mary...

So more on the subject of moving. I will be leaving on Saturday morning, nice and early so that I can check into my apartment at BYU-I bright and early. I want to get there as soon as I can so that I can hopefully not be the last one in of my roommates. I don't want to get all the extra stuff. I want to try and have a say in where I sleep. That would be preferable. I'm really excited though, and can't wait. Two days left!! Of course I will miss my family. I love them! So of course I will miss them, I'm just ready for this new adventure to start. I can't wait to meet and make new friends. Hopefully I can meet some really attractive guy in my Astronomy class that can help me through the class. Don't get me wrong, I won't be playing the Damsel in Distress card, but sometimes I'm just stupid and need help. Hee Hee!! No really though, I hope there is a hot guy to help me out. That's all. Then, if I could find an attractive man in my "Math in the Real World" class, life would be good. I have high hopes. I'm so excited to have a social life again! All I have done all summer is work. Which is good, but now it is time to talk to people again. Luckily I had two of my favorite people help me through the weekends that I wasn't working this summer. It was good.

Returning to point A, moving will be good. It is so weird to see all of these boxes in my room, and thinking that I will be loading them onto my Dad's truck tomorrow night to weird! But exciting all the same. I will be sure to keep you posted on all my adventures on actually moving; not just talking about it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Today was my last day of work!! Woot! I haven't been so happy in a long time. But, I will really miss all of the people there. But, it is time to move on. I know it was very lame that I have to use these pictures, but this is the best that I've got.

It was so beautiful that I almost wept. Almost. I was a hostess there. The hostess with the Mostess.

Okay, so that is in fact from a musical, I don't remember which one, but a musical nonetheless. When I move down to Arizona after my first semester at BYU-I, I will be a server. That will be fun. I really do like working in a resturant. You meet the most intersenting people. They are quite fascinating. Some of them are quite mean, but most of them are quite fascinating. That's all. The End.

Monday, September 3, 2007

People Who Need People

I just had an annoyingly bad day at work, and have decided to vent about it just a little bit. I have decided that I do in fact hate people who refuse to be happy...ever. That's all. I have the lovely job of working with cranky hungry people. that's the worst ever. Some people find it absolutely impossible to be pleasant in any situation. People have to complain about everything. It's too small; it's too big; it's too cold; it's too hot; there's too much; there's not enough. Alright, suck it up Goldilocks. That's all I have to say. It does have it's perks. I'm not gonna lie. I get to meet some of the most unique, and flat out weird people on the face of this earth. If I ever get the chance to write a play again, I will have some great character ideas. That's all. I'm done. I'm better now. Thank you for your time. Come eat at Red Robin, and don't complain!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Playground

So once upon a time, I graduated from high school. It was a joyous occasion, and everyone wore purple and silver in my honor. Anyways- after the ceremony, my best friends and I went to the park. I was slightly tired, and did in fact act like a toddler. It was nice though to have no worries and lots of caffeine in me. We played on the swings, and the slide. I also got to do my awkward fingers and sneak up on the unsuspecting victims. That was the night I became a Ninga. It just happened. I have no control over it really. Sometimes it just happens. (Not so often anymore though because I cut my hair and can no longer do Ninga Hair.) We also went to Artic Circle and drank more caffeine so that we could stay up for the entire Graduation party. It was very fun. Especially the part where KristEn shoved her fist in her mouth.

The End

Epilogue: So basically everyone knows this story. I just wanted to tell it so that I could add pictures to a story and see how it looks on my page. That's all. Love you guys!!


Here are the pictures that re supposed to be attacted to the last blog... Sorry I forgot to press some weird little button


I love my friends. They are the coolest ever. Not gonna lie, I could not have gotten through these past four years without them. I love them so freakin' much!! I remember the first week of school, wanting to be Mary's friend SO badly. And now here we are. I remember when I asked KristEn to go to the Academy Awards party with me. And now here we are. KristEn is in Provo and Mary will be going to Idaho with me. It is so weird that we are now going to college together. I still can't get over the fact that we are leaving for college. It all seems so surreal. I know I have said that about fifty times in the past two days, but alas. Here we go. One of my favorite things to do is watch cheesy movies with my darling friends. I think the top five cheesy movies that we have watched would have to be: (drum roll please): 5. What a Girl Wants 4. The Perfect Man 3. Pride and Prejudice (LDS) 2. Sleepover 1. Just My Luck. If any of you have any dissagrements, please post a comment. I would love to be reminded of what other really cheesy movies we have watched. I am going to post some pictures, and I want all of you to pay close attention. We are always in the same position. It always goes Mary, KristEn, and then me. It is so weird! But that is what defines our friendship. The consistancy of it all. I love it! I will keep you updated with lots of pictures. I'll try to tell cool stories. That's all. I love you guys!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have been thinking a lot lately. About many things. Life mostly, and how much it is changing. It is so weird to think that this time next week, I will be living on my own, in my apartment, in Idaho. It is so weird. The whole thing feels a little surreal. People expect me to be grown up? What the heck is that all about? I have all of these random feelings. I don't know what I am supposed to feel like though. It is insanely weird. I don't think it will fully sink in until this time next week, when I am un-packing with three strangers. Oh man, I really hope that my roommate doesn't snore...