Wednesday, August 6, 2008

California Dreaming

Okay dear readers, I am now in California. San Jose California to be exact. And it is oh so nice. I am here visiting my dad and Julie. They are pretty cool. You far as newlyweds go. JK! They are great. So yeah... my Dad moved to Cali when he married Julie. While here, he has discovered a grand thing called Jamba Juice. I'm glad he is now one of the cool kids. But I have been to Jamba Juice twice in the 20 hours that I have been here. It's pretty exciting. And for those of you who know me well, no I have not in fact been asking to go every time. My life really does not revolve around food!! ha ha. But alas, I have the feeling that Jamba Juice will be a popular destination for my trip here. You know it's a bad sign when they greet you by name. (Not me, dear friends...but my dad. I thought it was slightly awesome. That's all.) So definitely Jamba Juice is on the agenda for my stay here.

I am undertaking a very brave thing this Saturday...I am going to play a little game called golf on Saturday with the family. That will be rather entertaining because I do in fact suck. But you know, um...practice makes perfect...right? I sincerely hope so. Not that I am practicing or anything, but just in case this sparks my interest to be a professional golfer...this little practice will do me good. (Hey- I'm an optimist!!) There are also several plans to go and see San Fransisco. Of these plans I am more than encouraging. I full-heartedly support any plans to go and visit the city. I am going to see the Drowsy Chaperone next Wednesday for my birthday, and I am so excited!!! It will be amazing, and I can't wait. Indeed, The Drowsy Chaperone is one of my favorite musicals...ever. So that's good. Oh, and I am going to a 49ers Trainers Camp. Exciting?? I think so. It's kind of cool when you play with lawyers...they play hard core. That's all.

Dear friends, I will be sure to practice my photojournalist skills and take many pictures for you. I hope that you summers are as...thrilling as mine are. I promise not to attend any gay marriages, and not burn anything important. (I don't know where the burning came in...but it sounded right.) Anyways...thank you and goodnight.