Sunday, March 30, 2008

Moving Right Along

Hello dear fans. (Who I can count on one hand...) Anyways- things are moving right along for me. I have 19 more days until I go back to Rexburg. (Which is a thriving metropolis compared to Dewey!!) I'm SO excited. A couple things are slightly different for me. I quit my job. Which was actually a really good thing. I get to spend so much more time with my family now which is great!! I love them so much and will really miss them when I move back home to college. Also, I am no longer dating Aaron. So yeah... things are moving forward, and I'm pretty excited about that. Oh, and on a really random note, I'm in love with clothes. I love buying new clothes. That's all. I told you it was really random.

So there have been a few pretty fun things going on lately. Umm... we went to the Grand Canyon, and that was amazingly fun! And we ran a 5K for my mom's birthday. Oh, and my dad got married somewhere in there... so yeah. Well, I was a good little photographer... so since my wit is lacking today, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for your time my loyal fans.Me and Nate. He loves my hugs.

Me and McKenzie. We were afraid of heights.

Me and Cooper. He wouldn't sit close to me! I guess I have cooties. Whateve.

Happy times!!

Me and McKenzie before the race.

Me and Nate were totally strong enough for this race. Gerr!!

After the race. Yeah!!

So I was basically way mad, because I had been training for this race for about a month. And I was running about ten minute miles. Which you know, is not where I used to be, but hey, it's better than where I was a few months ago. Anyways- I was expecting to shave at least three minutes off my time, because I would be running on pavement, and not on a stupid treadmill. However comma, that race was the slowest I had ever run a 5K!! I was so mad!!! I couldn't believe it. Good thing the endorphins kicked in and I was able to adopt the "I'm just glad I finished" attitude... lame sauce. Next time will be better!!

Wickenburg! This was the biggest cowboy town I have ever seen. Every store sold cowboy hats, boots, and saddles. I never thought I'd see the day, but alas. I did see that day. And many other cowboy filled days. (I'm not bitter. Promise.)

So that's a very watered down version of what has been happening lately. I promise I will blog about the wedding soon. Goodnight, and good luck