Saturday, January 19, 2008

Country Bumpkin

So yesterday I drove over 100 miles. In one day. I live in the country, and I miss the city so much!!!! I suppose it is indeed a blessing in disguise. A very deep, hidden disguise. Everyone keeps telling me what a beautiful place this is; what a beautiful countryside it is, and how lucky I am to live here. I have yet to find the beauty. As of now I have seen no large buildings. No skyscrapers. No city lights. No obnoxious city haze (not that that is in any way beautiful- but the feeling is...unforgettable.) Instead I get tumbleweeds, and sagebrush. Oh, and red rocks. I thought I would let the public (all six of you who read this blog) see where it is exactly. I'm not exactly sure you could find it on a map either. It's rather small. Okay here is the grand tour.

It's a really nice house. Not gonna lie. I even have a roommate! My little sista McKenzie. She's pretty cool.

This is my view from my front door. Okay, so I will confess that I dig this view at sunset and sunrise. But that is besides the point. If you look really close at the first picture you can see the lovely dirt road that I live off of. Nice little drive.

And on our left we have highway 69.

And to our right we have the rest of Prescott Dells.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Land of the Big Trucks

As the title suggests, I am now in fact in Arizona. I live in a nice (SMALL) little place called. Dewey, and no that was not a weather report. And this is not Arizona how you might picture it. It is not all sunshine and palm trees. Rather, it is all sunshine and big trucks. I counted at a light one time...there were at least 25 trucks that passed us. Everyone has a truck and talks about ridin' and huntin'. So I don't exactly fit in. How shall I say it? I miss the city. Not that Rexburg was a thriving Metropolis by any means, but it was more exciting nonetheless. Yes, that was me admitting in writing, on the Internet mind you, that I do in fact miss Rexburg. Well, not so much now. It was a whopping -7 degrees there today. That, ladies and gentlemen, was a weather report. I'm pretty sure it's still snowing there. I will give props to Arizona in that respect. Today was the first "cold" day we have had in a while. It was 41 degrees.

Things are quite different now that I am no longer in school. I have many days where I sit idly daydreaming about a job that I could have at Hollywood Video if they ever call back... It's like my life is a game show...or a soap opera. I haven't decided yet. I totally pulled a Ryan Howard yesterday and applied at a Temp Agency. We'll see how that works out. Don't get me's a little frustrating making this adjustment, but I know that things are going to be okay. I know that I am supposed to be here, and that all shall be well. Things are getting more familiar, and I'm getting more creative in what I do in my spare time. I think I will do Yoga tomorrow. Indeed.

All of this free time is making me question my true love! (For theatre that is...) But never fear! I have the solution. I am auditioning for the play Rumors next week. It is a hilarious show, similar to the energy and comedy of Cash on Delivery. Hopefully I won't be playing a "manish woman" again. That might not be so great for the self-esteem. I will definitely keep you all informed, my most honored, loyal, trustworthy fans.

Confession: The next time some of you see me, I may have transformed into a "country gal." Okay, so here's the story behind that one. My family might be buying a ranch. Where will Emmilie work then? At the ranch. So, to be employed here, I get to "look the part," too. Yes, I am getting cowboy boots. I just thought I should make this disclaimer, so that some of you don't worry that I have changed...completely... If we do get this ranch, I will in fact be writing a play about it, and it shall be full of caricatures, and cliches, and it shall be grand. That's all.

That is basically my new life in Dewey, Arizona in a nutshell. (Which coincidentally is this size of the town.) Thank you and good night.