Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Few Things

I've decided a few things:

  • I hate that I blush so easily. 
  • I NEVER want to live in a big city. 
  • Boys who strut make me laugh- at them. 
  • I love missionaries, and missionary work. 
  • I love love love to make people laugh. 
  • I acutally really like dangly earrings.
  • I would rather eat something salty than sweet. 
  • I wish that every enjoyable moment of my life could be photographed. 
  • I miss Montana every day, and hope that I never stop missing it.
  • I'm a little narcissistic, and a little vain.
  • I love the Book of Mormon. 
  • What I lack in skill I make up in trash talk.
  • I like men that wear tool belts, but I don't like men that are tools. 
  • I very much believe in Jesus Christ. 
  • I'm not a missionary anymore, but I still love to get mail. 
  • Demetri Martin's jokes never get old. "Ladies..." 
  • My family is a little unconventional, but I really like them. 

That's all. Thank you, and goodnight.