Friday, August 31, 2007


Guess what?! I bought a digital camera! It is basically way cool. The problem is...I don't exactly know how to use it. That could be a little bit difficult. I will just have to read my owners manuel like a real life nerd. It's cool though. It will mean that I am high tech. The camera brings me joy. The cool part is, I can post pictures on my blog, and on my website! I can take pictures of my life, and tell my friends about them. It's pretty cool I guess. Just kidding. It's way cool. This way I can keep my friends up to date with all of my day to day activities. Okay, so maybe not day to day, but a recent account nonetheless.

I Want College

So basically I am here with my friend in her apartment, and I want to go to mine so badly... I I can't wait. It seems fun. That is all. I just hope that my roommates don't eat me.