Friday, December 21, 2007

Please Handle With Care

Sorry for the lack of posts... Finals were killer, but that's another story indeed. So at the end of November I went to try and give blood. Try being the operative word. So I go in, and everything is going well until she tries to stick the needle in. The needle goes in, and I'm feeling ok, things are going pretty normal. Then I start to feel a little bit of pressure on my arm. Hmmm. I look over and expect to see the blood coming out of my arm into the tube; routine blood donation. However there is one minor issue. No blood in sight. I then hear the nurse say: "Oops..." Not exactly what I want to hear when she is dealing with my body and needles. So I casually ask her what happened. She punctured the side of my vain. I look over again, and see a very large bubble growing under my skin. "Don't worry, that's just where all of the blood is pooling." Oh, good. No worries at all. She was like, "I'm really sorry, you will have a lot of bruising." That's fabulous. Well, it was a great bruise, and a cool story. The best part of the whole experience would have to be in the interview where they ask you what your name is like eight times. They asked me what gender I was; it took me a little off guard. I responded " mean female." Awkward!! It was pretty funny. Just be careful when you give blood. Say the right gender, and don't ever let them say oops. Let's handle with care people. So these ugly pictures are of me dead because of the evil Red Cross Nurse. (No feelings of animosity at all...) It's fine.