Thursday, June 14, 2012


Today, while procrastinating reading court cases about privacy infringements, indecency and intellectual property violations, I came across a regular gem.

Nearly a year ago, I was sitting in a cold, poorly lit, slightly musty room in the Smith building. Relief Society. On occasion, I find I have a hard time staying focused during that blessed third hour of church. Our topic was on marriage. After the tradition of hundreds of thousands of young women who have walked the daunting trail of single-hood in a marriage conscious culture, the 27 of us sitting in that prison of a room were encouraged to make The List. If you're laughing right now, it's because you are painfully aware which list I'm referring to.

You know, the one where you write down every perfect characteristic you are looking for in your future one-and-only. Now, if I had a dollar for every list I've been encouraged to make, I could perhaps single-handedly solve our nation's debt. (You can vote for me next election.)

On this blessed day nearly a year ago, my sass levels were slightly higher than my spiritual levels. This was the byproduct.

  • HOT
  • Dresses like a J Crew model
  • Captain of a rugby team
  • Teeth sparkle when he smiles
  • Really, really rich
  • 6% body fat
  • Chiseled jaw line
  • Runs 5 minute mile
  • Plays the guitar like John Mayer
  • Owns a castle in Ireland
  • Can bench 220

When I find this Casanova of a man I'm sure we will indeed share eternal bliss. Godspeed his soul to mine.


Polly Scott said...

Nice list...but I think I like the list you found while cleaning last summer in your time capsule...the one you wrote when you were like, what 8 or 10! It was priceless!

Kimber Pogue said...

Stop it! hahaha I love you!

Dallin Lind said...

Ok, I can remember several times drawing straws with my also famished siblings to see who would be the pore soul chosen to drag Mom away from her conversation in the relief society room after church. Three things you can always count on: death, taxes, and a boiling lava hot, relief society room. It is never Cold!

Anita Komma said...

Bahahahaha. I remember making "lists" like that in my youth. Heaven forbid I had stuck to what I actually wrote... The good thing is the list changes with time (and hindsight) to much better things. Still laughing cause I remember making those lists all the way back to YW...

Jessica Adamson said...

Guess what? Aside from the Capitan of the Rugby Team thing...I know him. In fact, he is my brother in law...let me know if you want to know him too;) you are great!

Tara said...

hahahahah I am crying a little bit. I love this.

Unknown said...

Hi, I really like your thoughts.Is your blog still ongoing.Just curious